What Am I Feeling Today?

Today's Feelings

Happy Monday! Today’s post is a visual aid that I use with Little Dude from time to time. I wish I could take credit for this brilliant idea but I first saw it while he was in play therapy. The therapist would start off with this exercise to help understand what was on his mind that day. Sometimes when Little Dude is having a tough day, I’ll pull out this sheet and we’ll talk through what he’s feeling.

This helps 1) for me to understand what’s on his mind today, and 2) to help him reflect on his own feelings.

This was very difficult for Little Dude when he first started doing this. But as we have practiced, I believe this has helped him become a little more self-aware. Now he is getting to the point where he can say, “I’m so angry!” A huge milestone for us. A year ago, he’d just rage and hit or kick. He still hits and kicks from time to time, but I’m so happy that he can at least communicate now, “I’m so angry that Little Man took my toy!” Progress. is. good.

What have you found helps your child understand and communicate their own feelings?


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